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Laws control the lesser man...

Right conduct controls the greater one.


Mark Twain


The 38 Foundation is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to supporting young baseball teams and athletes striving for that next level of competitive play.

Our distinct, customized, and *free* camps and clinics provide a constructive and dynamic learning atmosphere for players at every level. The 38 Foundation connects young teams and their coaches with professional and elite athletes, specialists, and sports psychologists in order to foster the growth of the athlete both on and off the field.

Our goal is to build a supportive and thriving baseball community, while encouraging and preserving the integrity of the game.



Through our dedicated team of coaches and specialists, we provide ball players with the tools necessary to pursue their passion. We understand the importance of combining every aspect of training-including mind and body. That's why our progressive camps not only focus on physical skills such as pitching, hitting, fielding/base running and conditioning, but also on mental toughness and agility.

We believe a well-rounded athlete-is the best athlete.



Good sportsmanship is a cornerstone of our philosophy. It's not only required for players, but for their supportive inner circle as well. We believe parental involvement and participation in this part of the game is crucial. While learning and building on baseball fundamentals and techniques, players and their parents are also coached on the characteristics of a principled athlete. Respect. Integrity. Leadership. These are essential codes elite athletes should carry for life. Before, during, and after the game.





Are you searching for new ways to educate and inspire your team? Striving to get to that next level of play? Our revolutionary camps are completely *free*. Through the 38 Foundation we provide talented and accomplished professionals to motivate and invigorate your players. Have a trainer you prefer to work with? No problem! We'll connect with them, certify their ability to coach, and then foot the bill for their expertise! That way, your team can spend it's funds elsewhere.



Trying to reach a broader audience, and grow your established business? The 38 Foundation connects you to a network and clientele you would not be able to reach on your own. You gain free promotion from a non-profit organization that pays you for your service. And because of your knowledge and expertise, you'll have full autonomy to play by your company rules.



Let us show you how the 38 Foundation's revolutionary model can build better athletes, coaches, businesses, and communities.

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